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You have found an eclectic online mix called Off Balance Productions™. We've been around in one form or another since 1994.

This strange concoction has burbled up from the depths of my subconscious and caused quite a bit of damage to my brain, I'm afraid. You see, it appears I just can't focus at all. I have too much curiosity to settle onto one path for my business for too long. I enjoy too many different pursuits to choose just one or two hobbies.

Perhaps the damage began long ago. From the beginning of my life, an overactive imagination and a thirst for knowledge has kept me on the move. Sometimes I have feared how quickly I tire of something and move on to the next idea or project. My parents and friends warned I would become a jack-of-all-trades and master of none. However, over time, I have learned how to turn what some may see as a small attention span into something very useful. As my attention wanders, I channel it into areas related to what I may be working on at the moment, and my knowledge base has grown into a firm foundation of threaded ideas. I have become the sum of my parts, and more parts are added every month.

If born today, I probably would be labeled hyperactive or diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder and fed drugs to slow me down. What a terrible waste that would have been. I believe many of the children fed drugs today could actually be taught to rechannel their attentions and learn how to learn. Some would still need the drugs. Perhaps many, however, would become "normal" and several could likely become geniuses. (I don't rank among the latter, I'm sure.) But, as usual, I digress.

Being a jack-of-all-trades is not a bad thing. The ability to learn and implement something quickly is necessary to the work I do now. The WWW is always changing, and if a client wants a particular script or doo-dad, then I need to locate information, figure it out, make it work for them, and then go to the next project. At the same time, my clients vary in the work they do. Being able to learn enough about their business to be able to design a simple and effective WWW site is key. The way I've lived -- being able to absorb so much information at once -- I believe gives me an edge and allows me to create a client's WWW presence rather than just another gimmicky site. This ability will continue to help me when I move on to something other than computers and the Internet, as well.

It was only a matter of time that I would attempt to start my own business, and, true to form, I couldn't settle on exactly what I wanted to do. Every business book out there said I needed a focus, but I've never done much "by the book" anyway. So, I left my previous employment and set out to work with computers. I would do WWW sites, Internet set-ups, networking, and more. However, I needed a place for my cartoons and writing, as well. Maybe I'd do some greeting cards. Besides, it could all fit together when necessary, anyway. All I knew was that the name for my business would have to reflect this odd assortment of stuff, this mish-mash of services that almost fit together if you leaned each block against the other in just the right way. Of course, one sneeze would knock it all down and prove just how off balance the whole thing was.... Hmmmm. Off balance.

Thus, Off Balance Productions was born.

This baby is still crawling around and dirtying its diapers often, but I truly think I'm on to something here. I expect it to be toddling around in no time. True to form, I can't wait to succeed so I can move on to something else!

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