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I, Silas T. Sheep, being of sound wool and body (if not mind), do herewith declare that this page will soon contain musings, ramblings, and other such drivel which might make up the life of such a cool sheep as I. Cool cats went out with the 50's, daddy-o. Sheep are what's phat today.

And, if that no-account, low-life, sniveling owner of Off Balance Productions™ is nice to me, I might even let him write a word or two here. All he has to do is keep me in iced cappucino, but he hasn't even done that much for a while now. What a bum.

1. Death of Copyright -- NOT!
2. Napster Fallout, or So, It Comes to This?
3. The Direction of Advertising on the Web (Part 1)

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