Song Doodles

Well, I've been playing around with Apple's Garageband. Man, do I ever love this program! Of course, I haven't written any epics yet, but I do like making little Song Doodles. They are short, fiddly bits I've made for my own amusement or some other reason. Enjoy!

NOTE: These and other songs, as well as some videos I've been making, are now available at my iCompositions.Com page. I'll leave these for a while, but please check the iComp site for the latest and greatest (or not-so-greatest).

Listen to my music!

Something in the Dark
First real attempt at a song; needs some remixing of volume levels, but left as is for now :)

Created as looping menu music on a DVD I made; the menu uses the "Road Trip" iDVD theme you can see here.

I used the same "Road Trip" iDVD theme from above, but since the DVD was for the same person, I wanted different music for them to hear. So I wrote this.

Channelling Hornsby
I never was a big fan of Bruce Hornsby. His piano trills bored me to tears. Then I wrote this and figured out maybe Hornsby just didn't know what to do with his backup band :) Same goes for that sleepy Five for Fighting group. Get some good bassists and drummers or just jab icepicks in my ears.

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